Awana-General Information


  • Always encourage your child. Children have much more fun when Mom and Dad show interest in their accomplishments.
  • Help children to attend AWANA every week and to arrive on time (Club begins at 6:30 pm).
    Consistency builds friendships, achievement, and self discipline.
  • During the week, help your child prepare at least two to three sections. This is will ensure they will complete their handbook and will receive their special awards, plus they will qualify for other AWANA activities.
  • Attend all major events. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to attend special events as a way of showing your support and approval for your child’s accomplishments.
  • Please review the discipline guidelines found in the FBC Club Manual with your child. AWANA has very few rules of behavior, but in order to insure that all clubbers have an opportunity to learn as well as have fun, some rules of behavior will be enforced.


  • We expect clubbers to follow club guidelines and observe the 3 and 5 count.
  • We expect clubbers to arrive at AWANA ready to participate in their uniforms.
  • We expect clubbers to exhibit Christ-like behavior and be kind to others.
  • We expect clubbers to participate fully in the program.
  • We expect clubbers to have FUN!


  • Your child should wear their designated uniform and comfortable shoes for running and playing, and bring their Bible and Awana Handbook.
  • Your child should not bring other items with them. If your child does bring something which does not pertain to Awana with them and a leader sees it, your child will be asked to put it away and keep it out of sight. If a leader sees the item again, the leader will confiscate the item until then end of the Awana club night.
  • There will be some nights where a special theme is being used and your child will be asked to bring a certain item(s). When this is the case, your child will bring information home with them that will have basic information about what they should bring.  Theme night information is included in the FBC Club Manual as well as on the calendar page.


All clubbers MUST sign in at the check-in desk when arriving at AWANA (this includes LITs). The child will be given a nametag similar to Sunday mornings and the parent will be given a pick up tag.  At the end of the Awana night, the parent must return to pick up their child and will need to show their pick up tag before their child can be released.  We will notify parents when a child is sick, fussy and not adjusting to the Awana night, or in rare instances for disciplinary reasons. Children in Cubbies and Sparks MUST be picked up by their parent at the conclusion of the evening.  No Awana child will be permitted in the hallways without leader supervision or permission.


  • Children and youth attending Awana should wear comfortable clothing and “tennis” shoes in order to participate in the activities held on a typical evening. Some activities may be difficult to participate in wearing skirts, heels, flip-flops, sandals, dress shoes, etc.
  • Clubbers and leaders are expected to wear their AWANA uniform to each club meeting. The goal of each AWANA Club is to have 100% of its attendees in uniform. A properly worn uniform helps AWANA clubbers and leaders earn respect and credibility.
  • Periodic uniform inspections will be performed by Club Directors.  For a personal inspection of your uniform, apply this standard: Does it appear neat and disciplined? The Club Directors will carefully examine clubbers’ uniforms and award Uniform Inspection Awards to clubbers appropriately attired.
  • Clubbers not in uniform will not be issued awards during the weekly award ceremonies.

Join us Sunday at 

8:45, 10:15 & 11:45 am