M4M Derektion

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"David was prospering in all his ways
for the Lord was with him"
1 Samue 18:14


Wednesday Nights - April 4, 11 & 18
6:30-8:30 pm

Derektion - Emblem (750x750)Because David knew his "derektion", he behaved wisely and God walked next to him. That doesn't just happen. It requires intentionality and a plan. During our 3 nights together, we will show you how to be intentional in forming your family's Derektion, from the beginning of their time in Student Ministry through their journey towards becoming an adult.


Derektion is the journey of honoring God as we travel through each stage of the life He has given us. Come join us for this Made 4 More event and be equipped with Derektions for the journey . . . Register Today!

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    5th-7th Grade                    8th-10th Grade                  11th-12th Grade   

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5th-7th Grade: Fran Legband
 will be teaching the importance of helping their students connect with Christ during this foundational stage of their lives, as well as helping parents grown intentional faith that is passed on to their students. Matt Dalrymple will be working with students in team building activities that will give tools for growing a personal relationship with Christ.

8th-10th Grade: Laine Montgomery will be teaching parents the meaning of godly leadership and how to help their students lead in the unique way God has made them. She will also guide parents on how to give their students control over their own life decision making process. Gabe Boyd will help students define what it means to be a godly leader, as well as finding the unique ways God has equipped them to lead and how to put that into practice in their personal lives, at church and in community.

11th-12th Grade: Cindy Marshall will help parents and students navigate through the practical needs of launching from high school to adulthood without forgetting key elements of being a successful adult.

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5th-7th Grade: Fran Legband will help moms (or female mentors) and their daughters, and Matt Dalrymple will help dads (or male mentors) and their sons navigate through the physical developments associated with their changing bodies, their emotional needs during this transition time, the spiritual changes involved in the process of maturing and God's design for marriage (in an age appropriate manner).

8th-10th Grade: Laine Montgomery will be teaching moms ( or female mentors) and their daughters the meaning of Biblical Womanhood in the context of dating, friendships, their families and leadership. Gabe Boyd will be teaching dads (or male mentors) and their sons the meaning of Biblical Manhood in the context of dating, friendships, their families and leadership.

11th-12th Grade: George Hillman will lead a discussion on what it means to discover your calling as an adult (spiritual call). He will also help students understand how to respectfully launch into adulthood and help parents release their high school students respectfully into adulthood so relationships remain intact.

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5th-7th Grade: Fran Legband will be showing parents and students how to impact their culture when they worship and honor God in their lives. This will be an opportunity for parents to tackle some of the topics that have great import on their student's lives, while having fun together and seeing how our student ministry functions.

8th-10th Grade: Gabe Boyd will help parents and students live out God's command to be strong and courageous. This is a rally call to lead in a biblical way inside our homes, personal lives and be involved in the journey God has called them to live.

11th-12th Grade: A.J. Rinaldi will guide parents on how they can allow their students to own their faith instead of borrowing it, providing them with practical skills to help them settle into their own faith in the context of college and/or adulthood. He will also equip students with valuable skills such as finding a church, building healthy community and developing personal quiet time habits when launching into life.


Join us Sunday at 

8:45, 10:15 & 11:45 am