It's official...we're planting a church!


On Sunday, May 16, 2021, Frisco Bible Church announced its fourth church plant. We have partnered with pastor and experienced church planter, Chad Bailey. Chad will serve on the pastoral staff as the Church Planter in Residence leading up to the launch of the new church.

While teaching on how Christ has promised to build His church, and that part of our role is to plant more churches, Lead Pastor Wayne Braudrick interviewed Chad about the Bailey family and his desire to lead the start of a new church. 


Tell us a bit about you and your family

  • My wife, Ryan, are high school sweethearts and have been married for 18 years. We have served together in local church ministry for even longer than that!
  • We got married at the age of 20, halfway through undergrad, and started our family and ministry shortly thereafter.
  • We have 3 kids, 2 sons (Graham 16, Cooper 13) and a daughter (Haddon 5).


Why do you think it’s important to plant another church in North Texas?

  • Numerical. Collin County alone has grown by 25,000 people per year for about the last 20 years, with much of that growth being in our own backyard. And Celina, Texas, in particular, is positioned to be the fastest-growing city in Collin County for the next several years. 

  • Cultural. Celina doesn’t just need another church. By God’s grace, we’ll be a faithful church committed to doing the Great Commission by the power of the Holy Spirit, because of the Gospel and all for the glory of God. There are so many where we live who are comfortable with attending church but are strangers to the life-changing power of the Gospel and biblical community. 

  • Spiritual. New churches are often the best way to reach the unchurched, de-churched, and the lost. By God's grace, many will come to faith in Christ and grow up in Christ through the ministry of this new church.

What is the general plan? 

    • Serve & Build Relationships (2021). Chad and Ryan will serve in a variety of ways while the Bailey family builds relationships and develops community within the church. 
    • Cast vision & Recruit (late 2021 to early 2022). Church-wide communication will go out and Chad will work with staff and elders to share opportunities to get involved with the church plant.
    • Train & Prepare to Launch (mid-2022). Chad will begin to assemble and train a launch team while making plans to launch a public ministry in Celina, TX.
    • Launch (late 2022 to early 2023). The church plant team will be commissioned by Frisco Bible Church and formally sent to make disciples as a new, autonomous local church.

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Pray With Us!

Folks are beginning to ask how they can pray for us. Here is how...

  • For the church plant campaign to be well received by Frisco Bible. 
  • For Chad networking and building relationships in the Celina area.
  • For clarity and wisdom as we plan and make key behind-the-scenes decisions.
  • For the Bailey's move to Celina - new schools and new home.

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