HS 2019 Spring Small Groups

Spring Small Groups begin March 27!

We are excited about the wide selection of groups and topics you have to choose from.  Each group will learn together through the Spring for seven meetings.  Read through the descriptions of the groups below and see what we have available.  Many leaders are continuing their groups from the Winter and you can stay in your group if you would like.  

Why don't I see leader's names?

There are two reasons.  First, the goal for our groups is for you to join a group which focuses on a topic you are interested in.  Does something in the description grab your attention?  What is God teaching you right now?  We want to allow for that!  Second, we want to create connections between more people.  When you learn with a leader you haven't been with before relationships are built and it is exciting to see how God will use them in your life!


What is the schedule for the groups?

Spring Groups will meet most weeks from March 27 - May 29th.  We will not meet:

  • April 24 - FOLD
  • May 8 - Senior Night
  • May 22 - 50's Night (A Connect Event)

When can I register for a group?

Registration is open now and stays open, as long as a group has room.  If you do not register online you will join a group when you arrive on Wednesday and will be able to select from groups who still have room.

**Costa Rica Missions Team!** Do not register for a group!  Your small group for the Winter and Spring will be the training and preparation for the Costa Rica trip.

What if I have a question about a group?

Great question!  Contact us with any questions you have!  We'll be happy to help you! CLICK HERE to email.

Blue - Choose Your Own Adventure

Join this group to choose between studying the Gospel according to Mark or prayers throughout the Bible.  Either way you will learn and grow together!

Winter 2019 Pink - Know What You Believe What do you say when someone asks why you believe what you believe?  This group will help you answer that question using the book Know What You Believe.  Our goal is to help you own your faith and equip you to confidently answer what we believe any time someone asks.
Winter 2019 Red - Life of King David

Join us as we discuss how God used an ordinary man to lead his people

Winter 2019 Orange - The Pursuit of God

In this hour of all but-universal-darkness, one cheering gleam appears: within the fold of conservative Christianity, there are to be found increasing numbers of people whose religious lives are marked by a growing hunger after God Himself! They are eager for spiritual realities and WILL NOT BE PUT OFF WITH WORDS, nor will they be content with correct "interpretations" of Truth. THEY ARE THIRSTY FOR GOD!!! 

Winter 2019 Yellow - Apologetics

Does God Exist? Does Truth Exist? Why does God Allow Pain & Suffering? How Do We Know The New Testaments Are Reliable? If The Bible Is True, What Does it Say About Gender & Sexuality? .......

HS Spring Green


Most people remember the Old Testament book of Jonah as a story about a big fish, but it’s really a story about our big God. This study shows us a God who will stop at nothing in order to save even those farthest from Him and how we can participate in this great work of reconciliation as well.

Spring Purple


Continuing to grow in your faith after High School is a daunting task. Many young believers get derailed by the onslaught of distractions they face after graduation. This study will equip the student with an understanding of how valuable spiritual disciplines are, the knowledge of how to continue practicing them, and an opportunity to apply what they learn by engaging in Christian community the same way they will as independent adults.

Winter 2019 Cyan - Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina - Using scripture and art to draw closer to God

Lectio Divina is a practice of scriptural reading, meditation, prayer, journaling, and using other forms of art to develop a deeper communion with God and to increase the knowledge of His Word. This study will focus on a few passages of scripture and we will participate as the Holy Spirit moves and we worship God through several art forms.




Join us Sunday at 

8:45, 10:15 & 11:45 am