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Earthquake Update From Our Nepalese Missionaries

Nepal Earthquake

Dear Frisco Church Family,

We got a call from a friend at 12:15 mid night on Saturday after an hour of the strong earthquake hit the country of Nepal. We tried to call families and friends. Most of phones were dead and other no one was responding. We found couple of friends in Facebook and requested them to call home, but no response either. We were desperate and could not sleep. Eventually we found a church member in Tansen, she told that the church is safe and no human casualty there so far. The earthquake happened at 11:41am on Saturday, 25th April. Almost all churches in Nepal have weekly service on Saturdays around 10:00-12:00nn. Most of believers were in the church at that moment.

After 17 hours, I was able to talk to my mother, she said they are safe. But had no idea about my sisters and families in Kathmandu and Chitwan. There was nothing we could do except praying for them. We found that Kamala family were

Now we came to contact with the family and some friends. They are safe but sleeping in the open field. There were more than 60 aftershocks. It is still going on. There are many friends and relatives who are not in contact with us even now.

We are very sad to hear that two church building was collapsed in Kathmandu and killed over a hundred believers. Nobody knows how many people have lost lives so far. There are places in remote part of the country, closer to the earthquake point, are beyond reach still now. It is said that around 30%-50% houses were collapsed there. Government news says that they could not even land the helicopter there. There is a village called Barpak in Gorkha district of Nepal where majority of people are Christian, got badly affected by the earthquake and no information about human casualty from there yet. Our heart goes to them.

Please keep praying with us for our people and believes in Nepal. I was interviewed by ABC15 channel last night for 10 ‘o’ clock news. Here is the link

We are keep watching and trying to connect with more families, friends and relatives in Nepal and praying for how could be a help for them at this moment and in the days to come. We keep you updated as we get more information.

We highly appreciate for your continue prayer. Let us know if you have any questions

Thank you

In Christ,
Bishnu and Kamala Regmi
Himalayan Community Church



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