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Nepal Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help

The latest news from our friend and missionary partner Benny Mathews of Alpha Ministries ... and how you can help.

Operation Love Nepal

Dear Friends,

earthquakeI have seen and heard how God's people are praying for this grave situation in Nepal. Alpha relief team is currently in Nepal. I'm so glad they are safe, and I firmly believe it is only because of all the prayers. Here's a message from them: "We are safe but the earthquake this time was also dangerous. We were in an open place surrounded by mountains. We heard cries like, 'It's happening again." We were able to get in touch with those locals only for a short while due to severe network congestion." Only God can provides the courage within the chaos. The relief team has now distributed aid at 4 relief centers and to over 400 families in Kathmandu. They are heading back home this week, but they bring with them a first-hand understanding of current conditions, needs, and other crucial logistics for our future relief work there.

As you can imagine, this situation will be around for a long time. Destroyed homes, buildings, entire villages, lack of food, clean water, electricity, topped with gripping fear is an impossible situation, to say the least. What can we do thousands of miles away? We can pray! Please pray daily for the people of Nepal and surrounding countries. Pray for all the institutions involved in the relief work. And finally, pray about how God would have you partner with the relief work.

reliefThe economic aftershocks will be felt for years. We want to be prepared and ready to help on the long road to recovery. Over 90% of Nepal is Hindu and Buddhist. Around 80% of the country depends on agriculture, causing it to be one of the poorest countries in the world.We have determined to use this and every opportunity to share God's love at a most needed time.

Help us give meaning to the Gospel by allowing us to reach out to those in need. The earthquake victims desperately our help right now! May the Lord impress upon your hearts to help us. Please visit our website to find out how you can help. Send a gift to help Nepal today! Our willingness to work diligently in these few hours will make eternity that much richer.

Yours for His eternal purpose,

Benny C. Mathews
Alpha Ministries


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